Prairie West Software
Based in Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Publish date:
August 20, 2015

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+1 (306) 222-8621

Game Description

Spiky Swim is a fast-paced casual game is easy to control - just tap to make the fish swim and avoid touching the spikes. Catch the special pills for bonus items! Spiky Swim has been translated and can be played in six languages: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and German.

About The Developer

Prairie West Software is a one-person development company in Saskatoon, Canada. Indie developer Todd Trann has been programming since 1983, starting with a Commodore VIC-20. His focus is currently on mobile apps and games. Previous releases include games such as Wabbit Wars and apps such as Prank My Pet.


[2017-01-06] Version 1.3.0: - added a new powerup (bubbles) - added a new fish - fixed an issue that caused occasional crashes

[2016-03-08] Version 1.2.5: - added a new fish - added a new easter egg - fixed a problem that was causing crashing - decreased the amount of ads - coin doubler power-up lasts longer - fixed sharing to twitter

[2015-08-20] Version 1.2.3: Initial Release.


Spiky Swim Game Trailer YouTube


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Quotes and Articles

  • "It’s free, it’s fun, it’s a great time killer, go download it now!"
    - Gamekorp, Gamekorp
  • "The casual strategy game may invoke strong memories of the 2013 hit Flappy Birds, with its play style and addictive concept."
    - Patrick Tretina, Indie Gamer Magazine
  • "Nobody will ever beat my score of 588. Nobody."
    - Scott Gjesdal, SportForm

Development Team

Todd Trann


Steven O'Brien
Music Soundtracks

OneBlueWolf / Deco Wilson

Kimberly Geswein
Font Designer

Marie Schryvers
Dutch Translation

Yannick Slagmeulder
French Translation

Tony Sürth
German Translation

Letizia Bottoli
Italian Translation

Adrian Vergara
Spanish Translation

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